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By Khwan & Simon

We are a family of three who pursues freedom. Currently, we are living in Chiang Mai, Thailand. We have an app company. In this Podcast we want to share our experience in the app business. We hope to get more suggestions, questions, recommendations. At last, we hope you will enjoy our Podcast.
App Life Podcast – Grow Your App Business
App Life Podcast – Grow Your App Business

We are Khwan & Simon, co-founders of Ling App. Every other week, we talk about our experience in the app business. Get actionable advice on app marketing, team management, technology and much more. If you’re an aspiring app developer or marketer, we help you take it to the next level.

#63 – Hiring A Players Revisited

In this episode we talk about our new process of hiring A players. As we got more applicants for certain roles, we added another interview to the process.

We talk about:

– Our current process of selecting and interviewing candidates
– The screening interview
– The case study interview
– The Who interview
– The reference interview
– Interview best practices

Resources mentioned: 

Geoff Smart – Who

Our previous episode on hiring:—How-Do-We-Hire-A-Players-esei1s