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  • The app offers immediate translations of words, including gender and plural form, while you are reading. Additionally it has sections for grammar with detailed explanation and even a personalized vocabulary for every story. I am simply amazed by the functionality and features of this app.
    Adelina Barabas
  • What a great app! I like that the stories are short so avoiding risk of losing concentration before the end and becoming demotivated, as can happen when reading from other sources. The items varied not just negative news. The built in dictionary works very well and allows you to check quickly without breaking concentration. I will certainly recommend to other German learners that I know. I just wish I had had it earlier in my German leaning journey. Thanks to the team and best of luck!
    Robert Weedall
  • Wow! A very good app! I just started using it but very impressed with the audio and the whole setup of this app. Good job to all who developed this program. I will learn so much with this. ❤
    Dyan H

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